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Judy Joo's Korean Barbecue at Home

Video Length: 5:29
Produced by: Robyn Doyon-Aitken; Photos by Scott Phillips except where noted.

As executive chef for the Playboy Club London and one of four Iron Chefs for the United Kingdom, Judy Joo is a culinary jetsetter. But when she wants to get away from the limelight and a busy professional kitchen, she knows how to relax with family and friends: She throws a Korean barbecue.

The feast, featuring sweet-and-salty barbecued short ribs (kalbi, in Korean) or chicken (dak gogi), along with vibrant sides, is one Judy knows well from her childhood.

Recipes: Get the complete menu.

In this audio slideshow, Judy describes her family barbecues and highlights what she considers essential pantry ingredients―including substitutions, should you be unable to find them―and encourages you to host your own Korean barbecue.

To learn more about Judy, visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

Bonus recipe: Judy makes a Quick Cucumber Kimchi for her barbecues. It's considered quick because the cucumber ferments for at least 24 hours. Debra Samuels has a Kimchi recipe that, indeed, ferments for up to 3 days for optimum flavor. Plan your barbecue enough in advance, and you can make both!

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