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Classic/Classic Update: Beef Stroganoff

Recipes By Rick Rodgers and Garham Elliot Bowles
from Fine Cooking #115, pp. 62-67

Make the home-style beef sauté or recreate it as a restaurant-worthy steak dinner.

The classic
Rick Rodgers is an award-winning cooking teacher and author of more than 40 cookbooks. He’s an expert in classic American cuisine and grew up eating his mother’s beef Stroganoff. His recipe features thin slices of sautéed beef with mushrooms and onions in a sour cream sauce, all served over buttery egg noodles.

Classic Beef Stroganoff
Classic Beef Stroganoff

The update
Graham Elliot Bowles, the acclaimed chef-owner of Graham Elliot and Grahamwich restaurants in Chicago, is known for his sophisticated, playful new American fare. Here, he elevates the classic dish to an entrée of grilled flatiron steak on a bed of spaetzle with caramelized shallots and wild mushrooms, topped with a drizzle of crème fraîche.

Grilled Steak and Peppered Spaetzle with Black Trumpet Mushrooms and Shallot Marmalade
Grilled Steak and Peppered Spaetzle with Black Trumpet Mushrooms and Shallot Marmalade

Photos: Scott Phillips

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Comments (4)

Hawkfalco writes: The Classic Stroganoff is easy and wonderful The update does not even appeal to me. And look at the nutrition values per serving: twice the calories, more than twice the fats, and more that three times the sodium to a sky rocketing 1650 mg! Holy cow! To those of us who care about these numbers and what they mean to our health this is one "update" that I will happily pass over. Posted: 7:48 pm on February 29th

annibel writes: I did the updated version and my family and I did not care for it. I did follow the recipe with a few changes; I used shitake and oyster mushrooms and subtituted the beef with rare leftover beef tenderloin. Our dislike was with the sherry vinegar taste... Way too much (1/2 cup in the marmalade and 2 Tbs with the mushrooms).
Next time, I will try the classic version with shitake and the spaetzle.
Posted: 7:38 pm on January 29th

CookBev writes: I intend to make the sweet potato "shepherd 's pie" first. I have my sweet potatoes ready to go. Then, I will try the classic beef stroganoff. Posted: 12:52 pm on January 10th

Julswanso writes: The classic Beef Stroganoff was easy and delish! I used left oveer beef tenderloin for the meat and followed the rest of the recipe to turn it in to Stroganoff. We plan to have it for a small dinner party. I also liked that it wasn't as heavy as some of the other Stroganoffs I have made. I used whole grain egg noodles. Posted: 9:14 pm on January 1st

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