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A Fresh and Light Take on Roasted Roots

Picture-perfect roasted root vegetables

Picture-perfect roasted root vegetables

  • Picture-perfect roasted root vegetables
  • The roots get their close-up
  • Mr. Scallion, meet Ms. Beet

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

December 28th, 2011

Sprouted Kitchen has held a special place on my bookmarks bar for quite some time now. Conceptualized and written by Sara Forte and photographed by her husband, Hugh Forte, this blog is full of gorgeous dishes that always have an emphasis on healthy, seasonal and often organic ingredients. 

Her recipe for blog success is simple: she cooks the food, he takes the photos. The result is an artfully arranged website full of soulful stories of Sara and Hugh's life together and the ingredients and recipes that keep them close. 

The Balsamic Roasted Roots with Spinach Sauce recipe is colorful and elegant, with a depth and brightness of flavor that can't be achieved without good, fresh produce. The carrots and beets rest, nestled in a verdant bed of spinach, garlic and parmesan cheese, cloaked in a sweet balsamic glaze and crowned with a scattering of microgreens. It doesn't get more pure or down-to-earth than this dish.

One thing that stands out about Sara's food philosophy is the idea that if one eats what's in season, the ingredients can actually stand to taste like themselves. Simply put: you don't have to do much to carrots and beets when you've already got fantastic carrots and beets. 

If you love to cook with lots of citrus, fresh herbs and whole grains, you'll truly enjoy Sprouted Kitchen. Even if you're looking for a good read rather than a good recipe, you’ll find yourself in the right place. I've always found Sara's stories to be a lot like "Chicken Soup," for the food-lover's soul, where everything that happens in life always relates back to the food you ate and the people you shared it with. 

Check out Sprouted Kitchen for a little seed of kitchen inspiration. And whip up these root veggies while you’re at it.

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