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A Gentle Gin Drink With Fruity Undertones

Mayfair Sour By Xavier Herit

Mayfair Sour By Xavier Herit

  • Mayfair Sour By Xavier Herit

By Camper English, contributor

February 3rd, 2012

Today's cocktail is a soft and subtle sour that comes from the book Daniel Boulud Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches. The drinks in it were created by mixologist Xavier Herit.

The primary flavors of the Mayfair Sour, named for the building that houses restaurant Daniel, are from Plymouth gin, a very mixable and not-too-piney brand, apricot liqueur, and peach bitters. (The only brand of peach bitters that I know of are made by Fee Brothers, and are non-alcoholic.) These make up the core flavors of the drink, with liqueur Benedictine and lemon juice filling out the rest.

Egg white is used in this drink to give it a nice frothy texture. In egg white drinks like this one, bitters or citrus garnish are almost always added on top of the foam on the drink to cover any 'eggy' smell. Bartenders often shake egg drinks twice as in the directions below: once without ice to emusify the egg, and then a second time with ice.

I really like the way this drink comes together. It's gentle and a touch juicy and not too boozy. It would make a perfect before-dinner drink and I'd imagine that at the restaurant, it does.

Mayfair Sour
By Xavier Herit

1 fl. oz. Plymouth Gin
.75 fl. oz. Benedictine Liqueur
.75 fl. oz. Apricot Liqueur
.75 fl. oz. Lemon Juice
1 Egg White
5 Drops Peach Bitters

In a shaker, combine all ingredients except bitters and shake once without ice, then shake again with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass. For garnish, dash a few drops of bitters on top of foam.

The recipe is from Daniel Boulud Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches, published by ASSOULINE, and available for purchase at ASSOULINE Boutiques worldwide and through the ASSOULINE website.

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