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A Winter Soup to Warm You Through

Watercress soup with a rich, flavorful stock

Watercress soup with a rich, flavorful stock

  • Watercress soup with a rich, flavorful stock
  • Get all your greens in line
  • The bigger the pot, the better. Consider this lunch for the week.

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

January 9th, 2012

Megan is the voice behind A Sweet Spoonful, a blog that's been at the top of my "foodies" bookmark folder for quite some time now. The great thing about A Sweet Spoonful is that it combines humorous and heartfelt stories of Megan's past and present life with the things that inspire her and the creations that are born from that inspiration.

When I was browsing said bookmarks the other day and came across this incredibly easy soup recipe of Megan's, I knew I just had to share it, because in the winter, there's just nothing that can compare to a steaming bowl of brothy soup to warm you through. 

This watercress soup, which Megan adapted from volume three of the Canal House Cooking series, starts with eight cups of rich, homemade chicken stock. Despite any preconceived notions you may have over making your own stock, Megan's method seems almost impossibly simple.

You cover a chicken carcass with water and add a few aromatics. After a few hours of simmering, you're left with fragrant chicken stock and endless possibilities.

With a little bulk from the potato, the peppery bite of the watercress and the sweetness of the peas, this verdant soup is the perfect remedy for those winter blues...and your taste buds will love it too! Finish it with a few thin slices of lemon to perfume the broth and brighten the dish all together.

Drink up!

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