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We're Cooking Italian All Week Long

All week long, we’re celebrating the joy that is real Italian cooking. We’re talking about Italian recipes that incorporate robust flavors, traditional techniques, and yes, lots of rich, slow-simmering sauce. Join us!
Every day this week, we’re featuring an Italian favorite (the amazing Butternut Squash Lasagne with Goat Cheese, Sage, and Breadcrumbs kicks things off Sunday, January 15), and on Thursday, January 19, we’re hosting an Italian Cooking Q&A on our Facebook page from 3–5pm EST. with two masters of Italian cooking: Domenica Marchetti and Melissa Pellegrino.
Domenica is the author of the cookbook The Glorious Pasta of Italy and a contributor to Fine Cooking magazine (her recent story True Ragù features four authentic ragùs from across Italy). To read more about Domenica, visit her site Melissa Pellegrino is a contributing editor to Fine Cooking magazine, the co-author of the cookbook The Italian Farmer’s Table, and owner of Bufalina, a wood-fired pizzeria in Connecticut.
Go ahead, ask them anything. To add to the fun, during the Q&A, we’re giving away the new cookbook, Fine Cooking Italian, which includes 200 recipes for authentic Italian food to keep you cooking Italian long after Italian Week is over.

Inspiration and How-To from Our Contributors
Slideshow: Italian Sunday Dinners How To: Make Lasagne from Scratch
Slideshow: Italian Sunday Dinners   How To: Make Lasagne from Scratch
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Pielove writes: Perfect weather for Italian food (or as they say it here in Chicago, Eye-talian)! Just had some pork and sausage ragu from the freezer-- what a great provision to have on hand for when there's no time to cook. Posted: 10:05 pm on January 18th

michelegag writes:

I've made the Butternut squash lasagna and it was delicious! The instructions for making the pasta dough were very useful.The same night I also made the 4 cheeses and tomato lasagna (featured in the same article), it was also terrific, but it was a little watery. Maybe adding the spinach? which might not have been completely thawed...
I received great comments for the 2 lasagnas and my dinner party was a hit, thanks to you! Posted: 1:50 pm on January 17th

Kiddie5 writes: I have looked at all of these recipes and I love everyone
of them and I will be cooking all of these for my family. Posted: 12:51 pm on January 17th

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