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A Hangover Cure for All You Hurtin' Football Fans

Seriously, how could this sandwich do anything but cure your hangover?

Seriously, how could this sandwich do anything but cure your hangover?

  • Seriously, how could this sandwich do anything but cure your hangover?
  • Go for the biscuit. Biscuits have exceptional amounts of healing power that put regular toast to shame.

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

February 6th, 2012


Whether your team won or lost last night, chances are you’re nursing a pretty hefty hangover today. Did you call out "sick" or take the day off in advance? Either way, you're probably sitting at home, head pounding, stomach craving fat, carbs and deliciousness and mind wondering, "What did I DO?"

Lucky for you, I have a breakfast (or not) sandwich that will kick that hangover into next year's Super Bowl season, and it comes from one of our tried-and-true, oldest, most faithful blogs, Seven Spoons. Now I know I always try to bring you new blogs, but it just seems fitting today to link back to one of our go-to blogs, much like this sandwich will become a go-to in your repertoire of hangover haute cuisine. 

Tara has come up with her version of a classic, the Kentucky Hot Brown. Traditionally served on sourdough toast, the Kentucky Hot Brown includes roasted turkey breast, thick-cut bacon, a cheesy, béchamel-style Mornay sauce, tomato slices, and eggs. Oh and all of this is on a buttery, flaky biscuit because, let's face it…when you have a hangover to cure, sourdough toast just isn't going to cut it. 

The biscuit is a little out of the ordinary, as is the egg. But like Tara, I too believe that a runny fried egg can and will make just about anything taste, look and feel better. Like your head and belly.

I know you might be reading this, wide-eyed, thinking that I'm crazy for asking you to do such a thing as cook during this desperate time. But you're not going to get a sandwich like this anywhere, meaning that your hangover will probably linger on into the day and evening and I'll be saying, "I told you so!"

So get off your butt. Make this sandwich. Trust me, your hangover will thank you. 


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Magipatch writes: Here at Magipatch ( we have created a patch that delivers the medication needed to endure the hangover and in most cases let the celebration go longer with enhanced alcohol consumption while using our hangover remedy patch.

We would love to send a sample to the site’s moderator to give it a try and let us know your thoughts. Posted: 1:02 pm on January 27th

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