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A Batch of Beignets for Fat Tuesday

Powdered sugar dusted onto warm, fathery beignets. 

Powdered sugar dusted onto warm, fathery beignets. 

  • Powdered sugar dusted onto warm, fathery beignets. 
  • An array of beignets.
  • The dough is cut into uniform squares before being fried.

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

February 20th, 2012

Beignets are a quintessential Mardi Gras and New Orleans dessert. They're traditionally served alongside a cup of steamy, hot Cafe au Lait, a coffee drink made with chicory and hot milk. Sara and Kate, the two witty and creative cooks behind the blog Our Best Bites came up with this simple and quick recipe to make these crispy little bundles of fried dough at home. 

It's as easy as mixing up a batch of the dough, allowing time for a short rise, cutting it into pieces and frying it up. Don't be dainty when it comes to the powdered sugar. Beignets are known for being covered in the sweet stuff so dust them generously right after they come out of the oil to ensure that the sugar sticks. 

Serve these with a hot cup of chicory coffee for breakfast, dessert or even a midday snack. Happy Fat Tuesday!

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