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Sweeten Up Your Oscars Party with Cinnamon Bun Popcorn

Your guests will be happy to have something sweet, salty and crunchy to munch on as the show goes on.

Your guests will be happy to have something sweet, salty and crunchy to munch on as the show goes on.

  • Your guests will be happy to have something sweet, salty and crunchy to munch on as the show goes on.
  • Mix the cinnamon into the melted butter, then pour it over the freshly-popped, warm popcorn.
  • The icing is smooth and drizzly, thanks to just two ingredients--powdered sugar and half and half!

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

February 23rd, 2012

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months, you've probably heard by now that the Oscars are airing this Sunday. The Oscars, also known as The Academy Awards are an awards show for movies. Okay, I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page of the cookbook here.

I don't know about you, but when I think movies, I think popcorn! But plain old butter and salt popcorn is so last- year's-Oscars. Luckily, Lauren, of the colorful and creative blog, Lauren's Latest has this amazing and easy recipe for Cinnamon Bun Popcorn.

Who doesn't love a sweet and savory snack to munch on between best supporting actress and best feature film awards? The great thing about this snack is that it combines the goodness of a whole grain with that sweet, salty and aromatic kick that you get when combining butter, cinnamon, icing and a pinch or two of salt. 

Is it bad that I haven't eaten breakfast yet and now I'm suddenly feeling like I might need to have popcorn for lunch?

Lauren also has some great recipes that just might fit in with some of the nominated movies, if you want to serve some movie-themed dishes at your Oscar party. The nominees are:

"The Help": Southern-Style Biscuits with Sweet Maple Sausage Gravy

"The Descendants": Island Shrimp Lettuce Cups

"Midnight in Paris": Fondue or Lemon Cream Filled Crêpes

"Moneyball": Mini Corn Dogs

For drinks, have a bottle or two of bubbly on hand. You'll need to toast to the winners, after all. A mixed drink made with Beefeater, a classic English gin from London would go perfectly with the English setting of "War Horse." Or, if you don't like the people you're having over, theme your party based on "The Artist" and you won't have to speak to anyone all night! Kidding.

May the best movies win!

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gastronaut76 writes: i can't get enough of popcorn! snacks or food fights, i'm in. my favorite local spice shop, world spice merchants, carries a bunch of seasoned salts that always keeps it new for me... and, this may sound weird, but their 'Tofu Scrambler' blends (especially Garlic-Herb, mmm) are amazing on popcorn, too! They have a bit of nutritional yeast, which gives this sort of nutty tangy-ness that's unbeatable... and don't even get me started on their italian black truffle salt. i could live on truffled popcorn for weeks. i can't wait to try this recipe, either. Posted: 4:00 pm on February 29th

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