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Spanish Rice- Mexican Pressure Cooker Recipe

By pazzaglia, member

March 21st, 2012

In America, the basic rice used in Mexican cuisine is referred to as "Spanish Rice" - which confuses Spaniards because they have never heard of it.  My guess: the rice got it's name when someone translated the recipe from the original in Spanish... and not knowing what to call it, they titled it after the language in which it was written.

Whatever the origins of its nomenclature, this recipe belongs to the "pilaf" family where both Italian Risotto and Spanish Paella reside - and can be equally pressure cooked into quick perfection.

Recipe Used: My own design - Spanish Rice- Mexican Pressure Cooker Recipe

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ssffww writes: "Spanish rice" is a Mexican dish so named because the Spaniards introduced rice to Mexico. At least, that's my understanding. Posted: 7:20 am on April 30th

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