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Simply-Spiced Mango Chutney

Mango chutney on a turkey sandwich with arugula and sliced red onion

Mango chutney on a turkey sandwich with arugula and sliced red onion

  • Mango chutney on a turkey sandwich with arugula and sliced red onion
  • I bet Schmidt would be psyched to get a jar of this spectacular chut-a-ney.
  • Ripe, juicy mangoes, ready for their closeup. 

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

March 21st, 2012

I’m going to tell you a little story today. And I know this is completely off track, but I just need to preface this post with a little personal fact about myself. I’m a huge fan of the new comedy on TV right now called New Girl. But I like it for a reason that others may not have in mind. There’s a ton of food humor in it!

On the show, there’s this character named Schmidt who was once a chubby frat boy who slimmed down as he grew up. But his love for cooking and food remained. As did his hilarious ability to pronounce certain food terms in the most enunciated, ridiculous way possible. Like mango chutney, for example, which Schmidt pronounces as chut-a-ney every time, without fail. He puts a specific emphasis on the “T” sound and breaks the word into three syllables instead of its usual two. Ok. Now that I’ve got that all laid out for you, I think it’s time we get onto this blog.

We've had some gorgeous mangoes on sale at work recently. They're these plump, juicy yellow Ataulfo mangoes that have a mustard-yellow outer skin and a soft, silky flesh that's super sweet, almost candied in flavor, and juicy.

Thinking of these mangoes and Schmidt as I perused the internet the other day in search of a blog to write about, I came across this mango chutney recipe from a wonderful, clever blog called Foodess. Like food plus goddess. I love that title! Why didn't I think of that?

Anyway, Jennifer is a multi-talented food-loving woman who has a way with words and a serious eye when it comes to photos. She came up with the recipe for this chutney after scoring a box of 10 mangoes for a measly three dollars at one of her local markets.

Aside from the mangoes, the ingredients in the chutney are simple: just a little onion, ginger, brown sugar, clove, vinegar and some raisins. That is literally all you need to make the mango chutney that Jennifer just can’t get enough of, especially when spread onto a turkey sandwich with a little red onion and arugula.

No matter how you like to use or pronounce mango chutney, this recipe is sure to become one of the tops on your list of what to make when mangoes are in high season. So go ahead, stock up on those gorgeous, tender mangoes you may have also seen on sale. And while you’re at it, do a quick search for “Schmidt mango chutney” on YouTube. Just try not to laugh and spit chut-a-ney out of your nose.  

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