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Re-Fried Beans in 25 min instead of 2 hours!

By pazzaglia, member

April 18th, 2012

Re-fried beans, much like carnitas, are usually cooked twice (boiled and then fried). Your pressure cooker can infuse flavor while boiling; so, I switch this classic recipe around to capture more flavor in less time and (best of all) with fewer pans to wash!

Traditionally, to make re-fried beans a cook would either use canned, boiled, or pressure cooked beans.  Then,  saute them with aromatics and lightly fry everything before mashing and serving.

Instead,  we're going start with the aromatics: saute' them in the pressure cooker before cooking the beans - infusing them with flavor from the inside out.

I deviated a tad from this classic Mexican recipe by adding my favorite aromatic - parsley stems. They add a very light green note that cannot be achieved by simply sprinkling its leaves for garnish. Also, I have to confess to using whole-milk plain yogurt instead of sour cream for garnish - you get the same tang for less fat (40% versus 4%). Ole'!


Recipe Used: My own design - Mexican Pressure Cooker Recipes: Frijoles - Re-fried Beans

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