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Not Your Mama's Poached Eggs on Toast

Asparagus and poached egg tartine with warm bacon vinaigrette

Asparagus and poached egg tartine with warm bacon vinaigrette

  • Asparagus and poached egg tartine with warm bacon vinaigrette
  • Trim the woody ends off the asparagus before roasting.
  • The bread and asparagus can cook together in the oven, making this recipe even more simple.

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

April 26th, 2012


Feasting at Home is a wonderful blog written by a caterer and chef named Sylvia. She uses her blog to share the gorgeous and simple recipes she makes at home when she's not on the job. But don't be fooled. These dishes don't come out of a box, and just because Sylvia cooks for a living doesn't mean she avoids the kitchen when she's not at work. 

The site is all about cooking in your own kitchen, but in a way that's freer than how Sylvia might need to cook when preparing meals for a client. Her dishes are always seasonally-focused, with ingredients at their peak in both flavor and ripeness. In spring, Sylvia loves to utilize fresh peas and asparagus, the latter of which is the main focus in her beautiful, recipe for Asparagus and Poached Egg on Toast with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette.

This tartine recipe starts with a piece of rustic toasted bread planked with roasted, slightly charred asparagus spears. The asparagus is topped with a lush, silky poached egg and finished with a warm vinaigrette studded with crisp cubes of bacon. As you'll notice when looking at the site, many of Sylvia's "recipes" aren't set up like recipes at all. She simply describes the procedure, providing a few measurements and plenty of detailed photos to show how things should look as you go along.

The site gives a reflection of how you can cook when you have complete freedom in your own kitchen. In exploring Feasting at Home, you'll find inspiration, ideas and maybe even the courage to think outside the recipe box and experiment with flavors, textures and new ingredients so you too can feel like you're feasting on a chef-created meal, even at home.


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