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The Ultimate Memorial Day Burger Cookout

The Ultimate Burger

The Ultimate Burger

  • The Ultimate Burger
  • How about a millkshake to wash it all down?
  • SMeaches. Enough said.

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

May 22nd, 2012

The Kitchy Kitchen is one of the trendiest food blogs I've come across in quite some time. Claire is the creative genius behind the blog, which features all of her culinary experiments. But not everything on The Kitchy Kitchen is an experiment or new idea brought to life. Some dishes, like Claire's Ultimate Burger, are long-time favorites of both her family and friends. 

The Ultimate Burger is the ideal thing to serve at a Memorial Day cookout. The burger itself is simple. It starts with good, 80/20 ground chuck seasoned with salt and pepper, fresh garlic and thyme and a splash of Worcestershire sauce for that deep, bold umami flavor. 

After the initial burger patty is cooked you can prepare the burger toppings, which come in two styles: Claire's "girlie" burger, or her brother, Henry's "meaty meat boy monstrosity." The former combines arugula, Swiss cheese and a homemade garlic aioli, while the latter is topped with bacon, cheddar and plenty of BBQ sauce. Either way, both burgers are great options to serve this weekend and will have ladies and gentlemen (respectively) enjoying their juicy burgers more than ever. 

Claire also has a great milkshake you could serve on the side if you want to make your cookout a true All-American feast. The Classic Vanilla Milkshake is a cold, sweet treat to wash down that rich, meaty burger. Besides, who doesn't love a milkshake?

Oh, did I mention Claire makes amazing videos? Well, she does. Like this one, for her famous S'Meaches. I'll let your mind wander and contemplate exactly what that might mean. Then you can watch this video and realize what I'm talking about. Drooling yet? See, I told you The Kitchy Kitchen was a good one. And those S'Meaches just might make the perfect ending to your weekend cookout. 

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