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Basic, Beautiful Pizza All Summer Long

Basic dough, simple pizza. Instant summer supper.

Basic dough, simple pizza. Instant summer supper.

  • Basic dough, simple pizza. Instant summer supper.
  • Basic Pizza Dough
  • Flour the board, turn out the dough, roll it into a ball and pat it out into a thin or deep-dish crust.

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

June 7th, 2012

Cook Republic is a wonderful Australian-based blog written by Sneh, a designer, illustrator, photographer and food stylist from Sydney. She loves to create recipes of her own and test recipes from other cookbooks so that she can share the results with all of her site's readers.

A perfect example is this basic pizza dough that Sneh got from Jamie Oliver. While she often adapts recipes from cookbooks, making slight tweaks along the way, Sneh admits that this pizza dough recipe is one of the few that she has left totally unadulterated. 

Once you have a basic pizza dough recipe like this one under your belt, there's an almost infinite number of topping combinations and styles of pizza you can make. Whether it's as simple as Sneh's margherita pizza that was born from that original, basic pizza dough recipe or something with unconventional toppings like sliced potato or scrambled eggs, homemade pizza is a light, simple weeknight supper that you can make all summer long. 

One of the things that Sneh loves about this dough is that you can make it into a thin crust pizza, a deep-dish pie and everything in between. Grilled pizza is a wonderful option for summer, so don't be afraid to throw this pizza dough right on the grill for a crispy, smoky summer treat.

Remember, no matter what type of pizza you make, the most important thing is to keep it simple. Don't overload your dough with toppings or ladle on too much sauce. With pizza less is more, especially in the summer when there are so many beautiful, fresh fruits and veggies to take the spotlight. This dough will carry you through the entire summer and will keep your pizza creativity rolling. Enjoy! 

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