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A How-To on Feeding Picky Eaters

Heres to all you picky eaters!

Here's to all you picky eaters!

  • Heres to all you picky eaters!
  • Summer Zucchini Pasta

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

August 7th, 2012

One Hungry Mama is a vibrant food blog dedicated to parenting from the kitchen. Stacie is the hungry mama behind the delicious recipes and mouthwatering photos, and she's got plenty of experience cooking for little ones. If you're blessed with a child who will try anything once, you can stop reading this. But for the rest of you who haven't been as lucky thus far, this one's for you. 

Stacie recently posted this Guide to Healthy Feeding and much of her inspiration came from years of babysitting experience. Her ideas are simple. Be a role model for your child--if they see you eating something healthy and enjoying it, they'll be more inclined to do the same. Make your own versions of "kid food"--swap those processed chicken fingers for strips of chicken that you coat and bake in your own combination of whole food ingredients. Also, don't worry about mealtime, all the time. It's okay to order out for pizza once in a while. Even small rewards, like telling a child they can only have seconds of something on their plate after they finish all their vegetables, will make kids want to eat their veggies and maybe even start enjoying them!

With all of this great info in mind, here's a yummy veggie-chocked summer pasta any kid would love. What are some of your go-to tricks for feeding your picky eaters healthfully?

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