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How to Unmold a Tart

Get the recipe: Maple-Walnut Tart

Get the recipe: Maple-Walnut Tart

By Shelley Wiseman, Senior Food Editor

August 29th, 2012

Before you can serve a tart baked in a fluted tart pan (check out all our tart recipes for inspiration), you have to unmold it from its pan. Rather than holding the base in your hand and having the rim slip awkwardly onto your arm, stabilize the pan on a bowl or soufflé dish that's a little smaller than the inside edge of the tart rim. Press gently on the rim so it slips down to the counter. Then move the tart on its base to the countertop and run a long, flat spatula between the tart and base to separate the two before transferring the tart to a serving plate.

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