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Behind the Kitchen Door: Abby Dodge's Baker's Kitchen

Video Length: 2:55
Produced by: Robyn Doyon-Aitken; Text, images, and floor plan by Charles Miller

Text by Charles Miller

Abigail Johnson Dodge--Abby to her family, friends, and fans--was only four years old when she fell in love with baking. Working alongside her mother with a light-bulb-powered easy-bake oven, she happily baked cake after cake. "For me, it was all about desserts," says Abby.

And it still is. After studying at École de Cuisine la Varenne in Paris and working as a pastry chef under superstars Michel Guérard and Guy Savoy, Abby became the founding test kitchen director at Fine Cooking. These days, she's an FC contributing editor, baking instructor, and cookbook author who's written nine books on baking, most recently Mini Treats & Hand-Held Sweets.

Last summer, I stopped by her Southport, Connecticut, kitchen/office to learn about how the space helps her bake better, and was lucky enough to snag a strawberry cupcake, too.


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Toniak writes: I liked that kitchen. there could easily cook. Posted: 10:59 pm on October 17th

Goist1965 writes: Rarely have I seen such a beautiful kitchen. Cooking is a pleasure in it. Posted: 1:37 am on October 11th

dioclaus writes: What a beautiful kitchen. Really very comfortable where you can make delicious dishes. I wish I had one like that! Posted: 11:24 pm on April 18th

oldbaker writes: I'd love to know which Corian pattern was used in her countertops. It looks like it could be the one (Savannah) we just put in our kitchen. I love everything about it. Most of all I love the integrated sinks. No crevices. I love baking, too, and also have a big red Kitchenaid mixer, dubbed "Big Red". Posted: 11:57 am on January 27th

BDaszled writes: Wonderful dreamy kitchen! Love all the space. Thank you for sharing. Now I want to bake something. Fine Cooking is an awesome resource. I wouldn't be without it. Posted: 1:44 pm on January 5th

iminthekitchen writes: I absolutely love the recipes in this magazine. I like to try new things and evey one has turned out so good. I don't bake much but I did the basic vanilla cookie drops for a cookie exchange and they were so good and I even enjoyed baking them. Keep up the good work! Posted: 5:16 pm on December 14th

Pastrychic writes: Sweet kitchen, mouth-watering recipes and a gracious cook--a Fine Cooking trifecta! Posted: 8:50 pm on December 10th

Patmyster writes: Thank you for sharing this! My fiancé would love to have a new mixer! Then she would go really coo coo in the kitchen! Happy Holidays everyone! Posted: 6:36 pm on December 10th

jacksgrl56 writes: Love the way the kitchen is organized! Posted: 6:34 am on December 10th

nam11 writes: I particularly love the corner sinks with drying area in the middle. What a great idea! And I'd love a pantry like yours! Posted: 4:21 pm on December 5th

DrMomm writes: Lovely kitchen. Posted: 4:03 pm on December 5th

wordalone writes: I am just now starting to cook this holiday season. My wife and I are in desperate need of some kitchen supplies. I am hoping to maybe invest in a mixer after christmas. We also hope to clean out our kitchen of some of the less useful or multiple supplies. We want to streamline and make our kitchen more efficient, like the one in this video. Thanks for sharing. Posted: 2:31 pm on December 5th

JeanCooks writes: Your kitchen is as beautiful and serviceable as your cookbooks! Love the storage pantry - the dream of every baker! Thanks for sharing! Posted: 1:05 pm on December 5th

idaho1976 writes: Robyn,
Thank you for the tour of your kitchen. I am an organization nut, and I am in love with the layout and thought of the kitchen. Every drawer has a purpose. Every counter has a purpose.
Eric Posted: 12:40 pm on December 5th

mollycooks writes: My downfall: kitchen gadgets. Forget shoes, makeup, jewelry, art... Better keep me away from the kitchen appliances and gadgets or I'll go crazy!!! Posted: 3:21 pm on December 4th

Tex47 writes: Love the kitchen layout and storage. We're getting ready to build a house; the kitchen will be the focal point and you've given us some great ideas. Posted: 10:53 am on December 4th

Lakeladypatti writes: This is great. Now, if only I could teleport the kitchen to my house....... Posted: 10:27 am on December 4th

cupofjoy writes: lOVE HER KITCHEN!! You cannot go wrong with Kitchenaid appliances-they are reliable & hardworking! Posted: 9:52 am on December 4th

ehall writes: I'm presently redesigning my kitchen and your video gave me some new ideas. I do a lot of baking and cooking. I have 3 daughters who are also fine cooks and like you, they stood by my side as I prepared meals. We still carry on many traditions, such as baking Christmas cookies together. Today, this includes the grandchildren. I want them to grow up to be good cooks and love good food. So, at this point in my life, I have decided to make my kitchen bigger so that we can have more fun cooking! Posted: 8:47 am on December 4th

BrigidH writes: Love your equipment closet and office right off the kitchen---what a great idea!
Posted: 4:30 pm on December 3rd

Josifek writes: I love to bake and cook.Your kitchen Abby, is a dream of my life. Unfortunately, it will be left unfulfilled. I am already a seasoned baker. Still working full time, waiting for nearing retirement, to try all recipes from your cookbooks..... Kitchen Aid would be nice helping hand for aging woman.... Dough is getting to heavy.... Posted: 9:54 pm on December 2nd

rubempre writes: I'd love to have kitchen gear like Abby's! Posted: 5:33 pm on December 2nd

SOFTBALLMAMA writes: I can't imagine anything better than a shiny red Kitchenaid! Posted: 4:57 pm on December 1st

FC_Editors writes: @SBG59: Like a lot of cooks Abby is super-organized, so she got right back to us with an answer to your paint question. Abby’s kitchen walls are Benjamin Moore #1066 in eggshell and her trim is Benjamin Moore "White Dove" in high gloss. Hope it helps! Posted: 12:56 pm on November 29th

MuffinQueenSF writes: Nice! Your kitchen is about the same size as my apartment in San Francisco, but don't think that stops me from whipping up a mean batch of muffins 2-3 times a week. I get inspiration from the farmers' market down the street. I love the functionality of your kitchen. Kudos!! Posted: 1:26 am on November 29th

ambers writes: Thanks for sharing your a few ideas that could help in my much smaller kitchen....glad you are liking your Corian counters as we are looking to install in our kitchen as well. Thank you again! Posted: 7:36 pm on November 27th

ladydreds52 writes: This kitchen is too die for! I would love to have a kitchen like this. You are so right to have two sides sweet and savory. I have a small kitchen but lots of pantry space so I have divided it into sweet(upper) and savory(lower). I have loads of baking pans and cookie sheets as well. You are an inspiration for me. Thanks so much for sharing the video! Posted: 5:17 pm on November 27th

Mags7777 writes: Loved the video tour!, Posted: 6:24 pm on November 26th

SBG59 writes: Love the kitchen! Can I ask the name and manufacturer of the beautiful yellow/gold paint? Posted: 12:06 pm on November 26th

FELC writes: What a lovely kitchen and useful utensils. They would certianly make for a great Holiday at our house! ~ Frank, Elizabeth, Lena & Charlie Posted: 9:41 am on November 26th

mintbear82 writes: The equipment pantry is amazing. One I hope I can have a kitchen like that. Posted: 10:03 pm on November 25th

ambitiousbaker writes: My dream kitchen and office! Posted: 1:02 pm on November 25th

librarylady writes: My favorite part of the kitchen is the triangular area between the two sinks! I love it! Posted: 10:27 pm on November 22nd

FC_Editors writes: Hi everyone, This is the place for comments about Abby's kitchen, but don't forget to leave a comment on her giveaway post for your chance to win her favorite baking gear. Copy and paste the link into your browser: Posted: 10:13 pm on November 22nd

whatscooking writes: What a beautiful kitchen. You are an inspiraton! Posted: 12:41 pm on November 19th

messary writes: I just found your website! I am excited to try some of the recipes I have found here, and I am looking forward to the weekly newsletter! Posted: 11:45 am on November 19th

justjeana writes: Abby, I love spending time cooking and baking. Touring your kitchen just makes me excited about using some of your organizational ideas! Thanks so much! Posted: 11:26 pm on November 16th

Dave_and_Wendy writes: We have scoured the web looking for bits of wisdome to incorporate into the kitchen we have been renovating for the past six months, but planning for all our adult lives. Thanks for always sharing great ideas and recipes! Posted: 12:24 pm on November 13th

Dave_and_Wendy writes: Hi, we are excited to enter the contest to win some new tools for the dream kitchen we are almost finished building. As two former professional chefs, we have always managed with kitchens the size of broom closets. Soon we will be moving into a newly renovated space that makes us pinch ourselves whenever we look at it! Bon Appetit! Posted: 12:22 pm on November 13th

jeswf writes: What an inspired kitchen! I will be back to see this video when I need ideas for my kitchen renovation, it's so perfectly thought out. Thanks Abby! Posted: 10:08 am on November 12th

Luv2CookKim writes: Wow...your kitchen is gorgeous and functional, Abby! Thanks for giving us a tour!

Posted: 11:29 am on November 11th

Spurtle writes: Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us. We recently finished a complete kitchen renovation ourselves and we love our new space so much. We were wanting lots of counter space as well, so we put in a seven by five foot piece of quartz which is now affectionately dubbed "The Slab". It is a wonderful work space and can seat 4-5 around when not being used for trying another of your recipes from our favorite magazine. Keep up the good work! Posted: 5:58 pm on November 9th

SpicySpanishGirl writes: Abby, your kitchen is my husbands dream come true. He was a baker for the Army when he first join the military almost 30 years ago and he is still on active duty now, his love for baking is still his number one hobby! Thank you for sharing your wonderful and very versatile kitchen plan, I will be looking for your book as a gift to start him off this holiday season and hope someday to be able to surprise him with a Baker's Dream Kitchen like yours! God bless you and keep on baking!
Posted: 9:04 am on November 8th

bkrgrll writes: Your kitchen is wonderful and seems very efficient. I love it when I read about people who love to bake and how it all started with an Easy Bake Oven, and baking alongside their mothers - times like that not only create memories, but can also start a something that you can continue to do throughout your life. Posted: 12:16 pm on November 6th

marksgirl writes: I love your kitchen....that island is amazing. Thanks for sharing that with us.
Posted: 11:43 am on November 6th

cookingjudy writes: Wow, what a happy place. It's is nice to see where all those wonderful recipes got their start. I especially liked the island with it's huge countertop and abundant storage. Posted: 10:11 am on November 4th

Jolane writes: What a beautiful kitchen! Thank you for all your great ideas! Posted: 9:57 am on November 2nd

poimlady writes: Gosh, love the john boos cart.
Another thing that might make a wonderful addition to your kitchen is a pegboard. I have one in my condo and most of my baking utensils are on hung on it. Maximizes the space if you love to bake and don't have much room in the kitchen.

When is the draw date for the contest?

Happy Baking Posted: 2:00 am on November 2nd

bakedbyrachel writes: I absolutely adore your island, it's a dream! And I could sure use a fridge with a cork board face like that. Posted: 7:38 am on October 31st

mceleb writes: I love how the kitchen is organized. Seems like a great spot to cook/bake. Posted: 10:35 am on October 28th

CPClark writes: So readers, my typing skills are not the best. The organizational ideas are all Abby's and I meant to say, "thank you for sharing YOUR great organizational ideas"! Posted: 6:43 pm on October 11th

CPClark writes: Thank you Abby for sharing our terrific organizational ideas. Having had the privilege of sampling several of the wonderful desserts that are included in Mini Treats and Hand Held Sweets, I can't wait to get my own copy of the book so that I can try out some of your delicious recipes! Posted: 6:40 pm on October 11th

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