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One-Skillet Dinners for Any Night of the Week

One-Skillet Chicken with Artichokes

One-Skillet Chicken with Artichokes

  • One-Skillet Chicken with Artichokes
  • Pan-Fried Scallops and Corn Hash
  • Shrimp with Feta

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

December 7th, 2012

If you're someone who stresses about getting a dinner on the table that the whole family will tolerate or maybe even enjoy (gasp!) then Dinner: A Love Story is the blog for you. Jenny is a food-loving wife and a mother to two beautiful girls, whose creativity on the concept of the family dinner has been such a hit on the web that she now even has a book under her belt by the same name.

Dinner: A Love Story is all about the things that can happen at the dinner table at various stages of life (moving in, getting married, having a baby, etc.) Her blog post about 10 one-skillet dinners is perfect for people at any of these stages, and provides gorgeous photos and recipes for one-skillet wonders like Chicken with Artichokes, Pan-Fried Scallops with Corn Hash and Shrimp with Feta. 

As Jenny explains, there is no trick to making a delicious one-skillet meal. All you need is some meat, vegetables and simmering liquid like stock, wine or tomatoes. These dishes are perfect for a quick weeknight supper or for a lazy weekend at home. 

Check out Dinner: A Love Story today. You might just fall in love with dinner, too.

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