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Basic Chicken Curry: Unlocking the Mystery

Step away from inconsistent bottled curry spices to discover the the right spice blend from spices already in your cupboard. Knowing which of these you prefer-more cayenne and turmeric for spice or more coriander and cumin for earthy sweetness-help you to identify how to modify other recipes. Based on the combination of spices listed in the recipe, you will know right away how spicy, alien, sweet, or earthy the resulting dish will be before you begin.

We tend to like curry with a hint of earthy sweetness that gives way to a finishing medium-mild kick. I like some heat to help intensify flavors, but not so much that there is no "rest" from the heat between bites. The floral notes of coriander keep this dish bright and coconut milk pleasantly rounds out the spice.

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Recipe Used: My own design - Basic Chicken Curry

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