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How to Soften Butter in 1 Minute Flat

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Ever go to bake a batch of cookies or a cake only to discover your butter is rock-hard? Are you stuck waiting around for it to soften? Not with this quick tip: Simply grate the butter on the large holes of your basic four-sided cheese grater. Spread out the fluffy shreds of butter on a plate or sheet of waxed paper and they'll soften up before you have the rest of your ingredients measured out.

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cookgirlcook writes: Do not...and I mean do not...use the microwave....I use a warm water method and then I cut butter into cubes...but I have used the microwave before...and I frosting was too loose...butter was too soft...I like perfection...and when I'm baking for others it has to be done right! I don't mind the grating though and will do this...:) Posted: 12:50 pm on April 25th

marksgirl writes: I use the defrost setting on my microwave for this very thing. Why waste time with a grater ...I hate doing dishes as it is :) Posted: 5:54 pm on January 16th

jthelwell writes: This is a better way, because it's *way* too easy to get *melted* butter, rather than *softened* butter in the microwave. Posted: 10:27 am on June 2nd

ranchmama writes: I use the microwave too.Since it heats from the inside out you have to be careful not to end up with melted butter so I heat in 10 sec increments and push with my thumb to test for softening. works like a charm!
Posted: 11:46 am on May 15th

SandyLev writes: I soften my butter in the microwave. Why waste time grating butter? Posted: 10:08 am on May 13th

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