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A Bit of Panama, a Bit of France

The Conqueror by Amber West

The Conqueror by Amber West

By Camper English, contributor

December 14th, 2012

Don't let the rum and lemon juice fool you: This cocktail is a great winter drink. 

The Conqueror, created by Head Bartender Amber West of Central 214 restaurant and bar in Dallas, contains all rich ingredients that combine into a lovely and even richer whole. The rum that makes up the base of the drink is an aged variety from Panama. To that, a touch of cognac further softens the drink but shows in the background. The honey, on the other hand, leaps out, bolstered by the orange liqueur Grand Marnier. 

The drink comes out pretty sweet, which is probably why West recommends shaking it until very cold: That reduces the perception of sweetness. You might also add a touch more lemon juice (acid to balance the sweetness) or use a little less of either honey or Grand Marnier. 

If you don't get it perfect to your taste the first time, that's a good excuse to make another one and try again.

The Conqueror

Created by mixologist Amber West of Central 214 (Dallas, TX)

1.75 fl. oz. Ron Abuelo 12 Años Rum
.5 fl. oz. Pierre Ferrand Cognac Ambre
.5 fl. oz. Grand Marnier
.75 fl. oz. Honey Syrup
.5 fl. oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

Put all ingredients into shaker with ice and shake vigorously to make sure the liquid is very cold. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon peel.


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