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Two Methods for Degreasing a Stew

By Julissa Roberts, associate food editor

December 27th, 2012

Most stews taste better if excess fat is removed. While you can use a spoon to skim away the fat, it's awkward and time consuming to work around the pieces of meat and vegetables. Below are two more-effective ways to remove fat; which you choose will depend on whether you'll be serving the stew right away or not.

If serving the stew right away Lay a clean paper towel over the surface of the stew, gently pushing it into all the bumps and dips and then quickly peel it off. The fat is absorbed by the paper. Repeat with more paper towels as necessary.

If serving later Cool the stew to room temperature, uncovered, then refrigerate it. The fat will rise to the surface and solidify, so all you have to do is lift it off the top with a slotted spoon.

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mayrmahm writes: If using the stew later, [it tastes better if used the next day] - pour off the liquid and cool it, then take off the fat and return the liquid to the stew. Posted: 7:55 am on January 22nd

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