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Six Great American Blue Cheeses

Point Reyes Blue

Point Reyes Blue

  • Point Reyes Blue
  • Hooks Blue Paradise
  • Little Boy Blue

By Shelley Wiseman, Senior Food Editor

December 27th, 2012

Classic blue cheeses like gorgonzola from italy and Roquefort from France are both excellent for melting on the croutons for onion soup, but these days there are many excellent blues produced across the United States, too. We were delighted to taste a variety of them in the test kitchen. Here are some of our favorites for melting (or not):

Point Reyes Blue, from California, is a raw cow's milk cheese aged at least 6 months. If you like a very sharp blue cheese this is the one to get. While most of us found it the creamiest of the bunch, some found the sharp taste slightly bitter.

Hook's Blue Paradise, a pasteurized cow's milk double-cream blue cheese from Wisconsin, is smooth, creamy, and mild, with a pleasant sweetness. Hook's Cheese Company also makes Little Boy Blue from sheep's milk, which is equally creamy and mild, with hints of hay and caramel. Some found it slightly salty.

Great Hill Blue, from Massachusetts, is a raw cow's milk cheese that some tasters described as the quintessential blue cheese. It has earthy, mushroomy undertones and hints of Cheddar.

Oregon Blue, from Rogue Creamery in Oregon, is modeled after Roquefort and is funky and sharp, while Rogue's Oregonzola, as the name implies, is modeled after Gorgonzola and is gentle and bright, with a crumbly texture.

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