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Top 5 Benefits of Home Cheese Making

By jacksonwalker, member

December 27th, 2012

More people are making their own cheese for health and other reasons. A satisfying pastime, cheese making is a great way to improve nutrition and dietary variety. Here are five of the biggest benefits of making this food at home.

1. Totally Pure Ingredients

Most storebought cheeses contain traces of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and GMO foods. Many people would prefer to avoid these substances for health reasons. By making organic cheese from local milk, they can. Local farms increasingly sell raw or pasteurized milk directly to consumers, who can use milk from cows, sheep or goats for their homemade projects.

2. Fast and Easy Once Learned

Like any skill, cheese making does involve a learning curve. Once practiced, however, techniques can be quickly used and refined for years. Regular practice will inevitably boost speed. Eventually, home cheese makers may find that the process has become a comfortable routine that bears fresh cheese like clockwork.

3. Makes Connoisseurship Easy

Many people would love to try the most exotic types of cheese, but these products can be too expensive for frequent eating. Home cheese makers can create any of hundreds of cheeses in large quantities, allowing daily sampling of fine varieties. With access to online information about exotic cheeses from around the world, cheese makers can create and stock up on cheeses the complement every meal and snack. The resulting range of flavors is sure to enhance appetite and improve digestion.

4. Enables Creation of Diet-Friendly Cheeses

Rich cheeses without modern low-fat formulations are often high in calories and inappropriate for dieters. With many exotic cheeses, low-fat versions simply aren't available. By making fancy cheeses that are naturally low in fat or adjusting recipes as desired, dieters can meet weight goals while eating plenty of the stuff they crave.

5. Great for Gifts or Selling

Almost everybody loves cheese, so homemade cheeses make great gifts for friends and family members. Receiving handcrafted cheeses on birthdays or holidays will make anybody feel special. Besides giving cheeses away, makers can sell them at flea markets and garage sales. Homemade cheeses are also perfect for bartering with other local food producers.

It's easy to get started in this activity at home. Certain online retailers carry all the specialized equipment and ingredients, from presses to cheese making rennet. More than a hobby, home cheese production is a true art that enriches the soul and nourishes everyone it feeds.

Recipe Used: My own design - TheCheeseMaker

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