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Liquid Salad 

Liquid Salad 

  • Liquid Salad 
  • Gorgeous greens
  • Now you can drink your salad out of a dressing bottle

By Alex Tillotson, contributor

January 2nd, 2013

Have you heard? It's 2013! Did a bunch of people de-friend or un-follow you on all the social media outlets because you mentioned that whole, "New Year, New You" thing one too many times? Not to sound mean, but can you really blame them?

Everyone knows that a new year means a new set of goals and healthy resolutions. Do the words Liquid Salad Green Smoothie seem to fit that bill? We think so. If there's one blog you should take notice of this year it's Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is a bhakti-yogi who lives a simple and sustainable life and considers cooking well an essential yogi-practice. Her photos are clean and detailed and she is always whipping up tasty, well-rounded dishes that are full of plant-based goodness. Her green smoothie is full avocado, cucumber, greens, herbs, spices, mixed nuts and seeds.

It's fortified with a bit of yogurt and gets a little bit of richness from olive oil, black salt and pepper. It's the perfect veggie-rich addition to your healthier 2013 plan, without making you feel like a rabbit in disguise.

Visit Pure Vegetarian for more delicious vegetarian recipes that will make this coming year even more delicious than the last.


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