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Tonni's tasteful sponge cake!

Spongecake before icing goes on top

By thatlondonchick, member

Posted: January 20th, 2013


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What you will need:

A non stick baking tin (round of square)
A mixing spoon
(Wisk is optional)
A measuring jug
A large bowl
A small bowl
A kettle
1 lump of butter
250 g of self raising flour
250 g of white sugar (if you’re on a diet or don’t have much of a sweet tooth add less.)
Caster sugar
3 medium eggs
Icing sugar
A vanilla pod or vanilla extract
Hot water

First preheat your oven for approximately 180 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile pour 250 g of self raising flour into a large bowl and add 250 g of white sugar. Use a spoon to mix these contents together. Now you will need a smaller bowl. First crack 3 medium eggs into the bowl add all the egg whites and the yolk. Add a lump of butter into the egg and mix well. Then add the mixture into the large bowl and stir until smooth. If you see a few lumps don’t worry as long as the mixture has been mixed thoroughly.

Next use butter to oil the base of your baking tray then add the mixture into the tray. Place your baking tray into the oven for 25 minutes till its golden brown. You can check if the cake is cooked in the inside by poking a breadknife into the cake. If no dough sticks onto the knife then your cake is cooked!

When your cake is cooked take out of oven and leave aside to cool, then boil some hot water and leave to cool for 5 minutes add some icing sugar in a separate container and add water until its nice and smooth. Finally glaze your cake with icing sugar leave in fridge for half an hour.


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