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fruit crisp

By maxxigram, member

Posted: January 19th, 2013

As simple as fruit crisps are, they're also tremendously flexible; you can create your own fruit crisp recipe combining berries, stone fruits, apples and more with crunchy toppings.

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For the Topping
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup granulated sugar
Pinch salt
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon or 1/8 tsp. nutmeg (optional)
8 Tbs. unsalted butter, cut into pieces
1/3 cup chopped pecans
For the Fruit
2 cups blueberries
2 cups peeled, sliced apples (1/2-inch slices)
2 cups sliced peaches or nectarines (3/4-inch slices)
1 Tbs. lemon juice
3/4 cup granulated sugar, more or less as needed
1/3 cup cornstarch
1/2 tsp. almond extract
1/8 tsp. grated or ground nutmeg

Make the Topping

Make the Topping

Combine the flour, both sugars, salt, and cinnamon or nutmeg, if using, in a medium bowl. Rub in the butter with your fingertips until it's well blended and the mixture crumbles coarsely; it should hold together when you pinch it. Work in the pecans with your hands until it's well-distributed. Refrigerate the topping until needed.

Make the Crisp

Make the Crisp

Heat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Put the blueberries, apples, and peaches in a large bowl. Add lemon juice. Taste the fruit and sprinkle on 1/3 to 3/4 cup sugar; for sweet, ripe fruit, use less; for tart fruit, use more.

In a small mix cornstarch, sugar and spices. Toss with the fruit. Add the almond extract and nutmeg and toss gently.

Pour the fruit mixture into an 8- or 9-inch square (or similar-capacity) glass or ceramic baking dish. Set the pan on a baking sheet to catch overflowing juices. Top the fruit with the topping and bake for about 55 minutes, until the fruit is tender when pierced with a knife, the topping is crisp, and the juices are thickened and bubbling. Let cool for 20 to 30 minutes. Serve warm.


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