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Skyfall Cocktail

Skyfall Cocktail

By Camper English, contributor

February 15th, 2013

This drink was created in tribute to the James Bond movie Skyfall, before Summer Fruit Cup blogger David T. Smith had actually seen it. The drink is tasty, but his exposition on why it's appropriate is even better.

But first, the drink: This is exactly a Negroni with added lemon juice. I'm sure he's not the first person to think of it, but we'll roll with it. The Negroni is a very dense drink that's concentrated in flavor and even a little bit syrupy, and the added citrus thins it out a bit. The effect is lovely though; it highlights the bright bitterness of Campari and makes this hearty classic a little more fun.

Now the drink:

Skyfall Cocktail
By David T. Smith

.75 fl. oz. Sipsmith London Dry Gin
.75 fl. oz. Sweet/Red/Italian Vermouth
.75 fl. oz. Campari
.75 fl. oz. Fresh lemon juice

Shake vigorously until  very well-chilled (this is essential). Serve in a cocktail glass and serve with a long, thin piece of orange peel.

And from his blog post, Smith explains why this cocktail matches the movie (that he hadn't seen yet).

1) Unusually, Skyfall sees a lot of action from Bond in London, so I thought it was fitting to use a gin (the drink of London) that was actually made in the city; Sipsmith, a fine gin in its own right, is made in the London borough of Hammersmith.
2) From the little that I know about Skyfall, it seems that this will be a particularly bitter and sour experience for the character; hence, the bitter and sour flavours from the Campari and lemon juice.
3) One of the rumoured titles for Bond 23 was Risico, the title of a short Bond story by Fleming. In this story, the agent orders a Negroni, so this drink forms the basis of the Skyfall Cocktail.
4) The garnish is inspired by the long, thin slice of Bond's Vesper in Casino Royale, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary.
5) Shaken, not stirred.

Ha! Well done.

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