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How to Keep Avocados Green

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The gorgeous green color of avocados can be tricky to preserve; as soon as you cut into them, exposure to the air begins the oxidation process, which turns the flesh brown. But there is a trick that lets you cut your avocados in advance and still keep them fresh and green.

Fill a large bowl with water, and squeeze the juice of one lemon into the water. As you cut the avocados, put them cut side down in the water. You can also use this trick for peeled avocado slices, as long as you keep them fully submerged. Put the whole bowl in the fridge, and it will keep the avocados green for hours.

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Oceanconcepts writes: What I have done for years to keep guacamole or cut avocados fresh- and it works very well- is to use pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C) powder, available from health and nutrition stores. I throw a teaspoon or so into a large bowl of several avocados before mashing, and they will still be green 4-5 days later. The principle is the same as lemon juice, the acid prevents oxidation, but the powder is more convenient, cheaper, and works much better. A pint jar lasts us for years. Make sure to get the pure powder, not with any "extras".
A little in water will also keep cut avocados- or cut apples, or anything else prone to oxidation- from turning brown. Posted: 12:52 pm on January 28th

sawdust writes: Great solution for the short term. What is the best way to keep them from oxidizing when one only uses a 1/2 per day? I've tried nut in or out, saran wrap in the fridge, lemon juice on the open flesh and then wrap in the luck. What to do???
Thanks, Tony Posted: 5:19 pm on June 24th

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