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Swapping Gin for Vodka

This Plane is Definitely Crashing

This Plane is Definitely Crashing

By Camper English, contributor

March 22nd, 2013

No matter how much you try, you just can't convince people to try certain food or drinks with which they've had a previous bad experience. Tequila is the top victim - many folks won't go near the stuff since a terrible experience with a terrible quality tequila back in college. I've changed a few minds on that, but it wasn't easy.

The other spirit people are prejudiced against is gin. I guess everyone remembers the pine tree-scented bold gins of old, while most new gins coming out today are more likely to smell like flowers and citrus than juniper. 

When I saw this cocktail from Nate Quiroga from Liberty Bar in Seattle; I figured he was creating a version of the Aviation for gin-averse people. (I could be entirely wrong about this.) The Aviation cocktail contains gin, lemon juice, maraschino liqueur, and a dash of creme de violette. 

Quiroga's drink, which is called This Plane is Definitely Crashing (another hint at it's Aviation lineage), swaps out gin for vodka. It also swaps out maraschino liqueur for absinthe.

Absinthe, of course, is another spirit many people avoid after having tried some terrible fake version while backpacking in Prague. But it forces the drinker to make that choice: Do I give a spirit a second chance? And which will it be, gin or absinthe?

This Plane is Definitely Crashing
By Nate Quiroga

1.5 fl. oz. Vodka
.5 fl. oz.  Lemon Juice
.5 Tbsp Creme de Violette
.5 Tbsp Absinthe
Lemon peel for garnish

Shake all ingredients with ice in a shaker, then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a zested lemon peel. 


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Comments (2)

FigMint writes: Well, this certainly sounds interesting. I think I'll try it with gin as I'm off the vodka temporarily. Not that I've had a bad experience....I've just taken a yen for gin as of late....the wonderful herbal gins that are out there now; in particular, one called Gin Thuya distilled in New Brunswick, Canada which won the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition in 2013. Creme de Violette......that's a new one to me. Hopefully, I can find it online because there's no way it'll be at my local liquor store! LOL Thanks for posting and I enjoy your comments! Posted: 4:08 pm on May 14th

gabriela12 writes: Good luck ,Great post, love you! Thanks for the info. Your recommendations are really good. Posted: 11:10 am on March 22nd

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