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An Easy Tool for Perfect Pancakes

Video Length: 1:15
Produced by: Handmade TV and Sarah Breckenridge

Ever wonder why your favorite diner can turn out plate after plate of perfectly round pancakes, while yours look wonky and misshapen? Well there's a better way to shape your pancakes, and it involves a tool you usually pull out only for Thanksgiving: a turkey baster.

Simply use the baster to suck up the batter from your bowl and then dispense it on to the griddle. (This works best with batters that are on the thin side.) Not only does it make perfectly round pancakes, with no messy drips, but by filling the baster up to the same point, you can always dispense the same amount of batter, keeping all your pancakes the same size.

Try it with our buttermilk pancake recipe or gluten-free pancake recipe.

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