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Halve Tomatoes and Peppers for Easy Peeling

By Shelley Wiseman, Senior Food Editor

April 17th, 2013

For the Chilled Tomato and Red Pepper Soup, we cut the tomatoes and peppers in half, then broil them to get a roasted flavor. This method also makes it easy to peel them. For the tomatoes, simply pull off the loose blackened skins with tongs or your fingers. The peppers may require a paring knife to remove the skin near the edges, but you won't have to struggle with the seeds and ribs, which have already been removed.

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Comments (2)

DivineRedWine writes: OMG I wish I'd thought of that...such an easy fix to a really messy job...thanks for the great tip! Posted: 6:37 pm on June 4th

LEvans1056 writes: Does this work for red beets, too? Posted: 10:41 am on June 4th

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