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aspiration; baby broccoli

what is it?

The new thin-stemmed broccolini is a cross between conventional and Chinese broccoli with a flavor reminiscent of both. Broccolini is sometimes marketed as aspiration (or asparation), but it isn't related to asparagus. It has a slightly more peppery flavor than regular broccoli, but is not as strong as broccoli raab. It's especially good in stir-fries.

don't have it?

broccoli; Chinese broccoli

how to choose:

When buying, look for deep, bright-green color, crisp stems, and fresh leaves, with no sign of wilting or yellowing.

how to prep:

Trim the very bottoms of the stems, but do use the tender stems, peeling them lightly if they seem tough.

how to store:

Store refrigerated in the crisper drawer for up to four days.

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