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butter lettuce

butter lettuce

butterhead lettuce

what is it?

One of two major kinds of lettuce (the other being crisphead), butter lettuce's silken leaves grow in softly folding heads. Two popular varieties of butter lettuce are Boston and Bibb; both have a delicate flavor and range from pale green to medium green. Great in salads, especially with creamy dressings, its pretty cupped leaves also make a good bed for other foods.

kitchen math:

6 oz. (1 to 2 heads) = about 5 cups bite size pieces

don't have it?

Red-leaf or oak leaf lettuce.

how to choose:

Look for leafy rosettes that are dense and heavy for their size. Avoid those with wilted or flaccid outer leaves or brown edges.

how to prep:

Lettuces are great at trapping soil in their leaves, so wash them as many times as it takes to remove the grit. The best way is to soak separated leaves in water and then lift the greens out of the water to leave the grit behind. Dry thoroughly, preferably in a spinner.

how to store:

Pack washed and dried leaves loosely in a zip-top bag lined with paper towels, gently squeeze out most of the air, and seal.

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