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what is it?

A rich, buttery soft-ripened cheese, Camembert comes in 8-oz. rounds and has a a full flavor. Real Camembert is a raw cow's milk cheese made in Normandy, France. But there are similar cheese made in the Camembert style.

don't have it?

Substitute Brie or another soft-ripened cheese.

how to choose:

Choose Camembert that is neither too firm not too soft. Choose Camembert that is soft and plump. If the edges are dry, or the rind smells of ammonia, it is past its prime.

how to prep:

You can eat the rind, but most recipes call for it to be removed.

how to store:

Store well wrapped in the refrigerator where it will continue to ripen.

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nickmerce writes: yummy Posted: 2:43 am on April 30th

RosieKr writes: Rich buttery Posted: 1:46 am on April 8th

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