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Canadian bacon

Canadian bacon

back bacon

what is it?

More like ham than bacon, Canadian bacon is a cured, lightly smoked pork loin—much leaner than regular bacon, which comes from pork belly. It's neat, cylindrical shape makes it an ideal choice for eggs Benedict and sandwiches. It's also a good option for adding a slightly smoky, meaty flavor to dishes without adding a lot of extra fat.

don't have it?

Bacon, pancetta, or ham can stand in.

how to choose:

Look for Canadian bacon in the meat section near other smoked pork products like ham hocks (it's not usually displayed near the regular bacon). It may be sold in a log or sliced and shingled in vacuum-sealed packages.

how to prep:

Because Canadian bacon is cured and smoked, it can be eaten like ham without further cooking, but it's better if heated first by sautéeing, grilling, or baking.

how to store:

Store well-wrapped and refrigerated.

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