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canned diced tomatoes

canned diced tomatoes
canned diced tomatoes
what is it?

When fresh tomatoes are out of season, diced canned tomatoes make an excellent and convenient substitute in sauces, soups, side dishes, and even salsas. ?Petite? diced tomatoes, offered by most major tomato producers, are a great choice when regular canned diced tomatoes are too large.

don't have it?

Fresh diced tomatoes.

how to choose:

Canned diced tomatoes differ markedly--in appearance, consistency, and flavor--from one brand to the next. A Fine Cooking favorite is Progresso; Contadina and Muir Glen came were also highly rated.

how to prep:

Some recipes may call for the tomatoes to be strained from their juices.

how to store:

Store unopened cans at room temperature in the pantry; refrigerate opened cans and use within a few days.

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