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chicken stock

chicken stock

Chicken broth is often used interchangeably, though there is a slight difference.

what is it?

Good stock is a real treasure for cooks, used as a base for soups, stews, and sauces. Chicken stock is made by covering chicken bones, aromatic vegetables, and herbs in a pot with cold water to cover, and simmering.

The bones, with little to no meat on them, lend gelatin to the stock, giving it body.  If the bones are simply simmered, it's a white stock; if the bones are browned first, it's a brown stock, which is more intensely flavored.

Though broth and stock are often used interchangeably, broth relies more on meat than bones for flavor and little body. Broth is ready to eat while stock typically needs some enhancement from additional ingredients or further cooking to turn it into something you'd want to eat. In a reduction sauce, stock may be the better option because it will produce a nice consistency without needing additional thickeners.

don't have it?

You can substitute chicken broth (though when reduced it won't have as much body).

how to choose:

You may find chicken stock at some specialty markets, but most supermarkets carry only chicken broth, which makes a find substitute in most cases. Choose a low-salt version, especially if you will be reducing.

how to prep:

If there is a layer of fat on the stock, remove most of it before using.

how to store:

Stock will keep refrigerated for a few days. Freeze for longer storage.

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