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what is it?

Clementines are a diminutive orange citrus fruit, likely a cross of a mandarin and an orange, with a thin skin that peels off easily. Inside their segmented flesh is juicy and sweet flesh that's just a little more acidic than that of oranges.

don't have it?

Try using tangerines instead.

how to choose:

You'll find clementines from October through February. Choose fruits that are intact and firm, heavy for their size, and deeply colored. No need to avoid fruits that have a slight green cast—they'll color quickly.

how to store:

Stored at room temperature with good air circulation, clementines keep several days to a week. Turning them and, even more important, keeping a little space between fruits, helps prevent mold from setting in. For longer keeping, stash them in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.

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