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An Easy Tool for Perfect Strawberry Slices

Video Length: 1:01
Produced by: Handmade TV and Sarah Breckenridge

When strawberries are in season, you just want to eat them morning noon and night. But slicing all those strawberries, whether it's for fruit salad or shortcake, can get a little tedious. But there's a better way.

Instead, you can slice a lot of strawberries quickly with a wire egg slicer. First, stem the strawberries, then slice them just as you would a boiled egg. It's fast, easy, and the slices come out clean, uniform, and flawless. This method is also great for bananas or kiwis.

And once you've made quick work of slicing your strawberries, have them on the table in 10 minutes with our slideshow of Quick Strawberry Recipes.

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