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cold-smoked salmon

cold-smoked salmon

Smoked salmon

what is it?

Salmon that's been cured, air-dried and then smoked over heat low enough that the fish doesn't cook as it's being flavored by the smoke. With its silky, delicate texture, cold-smoked is the salmon most people think of when they think of smoked salmon. Often served at parties with bread, capers, and red onion, it's featured as an ingredient in myriad other hors d'oeuvres, too, and is delicious with caviar and boiled eggs.

don't have it?

Gravlax and lox make a good substitution; though neither are smoked. Avoid substituting hot-smoked salmon, which has a very different texture.

how to choose:

Buying sliced smoked salmon is usually your best bet. Different cures and choice of wood for smoking all effect the salmon's flavor, so your best bet is to try a few brands to see what style you like.

how to prep:

Cold-smoked salmon should not be heated.

how to store:

Unopened packages of cold-smoked salmon will keep for quite a while in the refrigerator; check the use by date on the package.

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