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corn tortillas

corn tortillas
what is it?

Corn tortillas, as traditional to Mexican cooking as Baguettes are to French, also go stale just as quickly, and therefore should be eaten promptly after they've been made or purchased.

The ingredients for fresh tortillas are simple: masa harina, a corn flour that is treated with calcium hydroxide to release the niacin in the corn and to make it easier on digestion, and water. The flour and water are combined into dough and are then either rolled out by hand or pressed with a tortilla press and cooked over high heat on a griddle. They can also be fried to make hard tacos and tortilla chips.

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howardcharl2 writes: It's great Posted: 2:18 am on February 15th

sledge writes: I use tortilla shells to make a fine breakfast tortilla. Ingredients are red, green, yellow chopped sweet pepper, chopped celery, mushrooms and chopped bacon. Whip two eggs with whipping cream, hot sauce and worcester sauce. Quick pan fry the veggies and bacon, add the egg mixture and scramble. Put in a bowl and then load up a tortilla closing it by folding all sides in. Heat in med hot pan till browned both sides. Serve with med hot salsa sauce.
Posted: 1:14 am on August 10th

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