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cottage cheese

cottage cheese
what is it?

A cheese curd product with a mildly salty and tangy flavor, cottage cheese cow's milk that has been curdled and drained, but not pressed so that some of the whey remains, and it can be eaten on its own. Depending on the mixture of nonfat milk, full fat milk and cream used in the production process, cottage cheese can be labeled as fat free, lowfat, 2% or 4% milkfat. When pressed, it becomes "farmer's cheese" or "queso blanco." A creamy, tangy addition to mixed salads and a perfect accompaniment to fresh fruit, cottage cheese is also used to tenderize baked goods in lieu of sour cream.

don't have it?

Ricotta cheese or fromage blanc can be used as substitutes.

how to store:

Store in the coldest part of the refrigerator, sealed tightly. preferably upside down, as it helps to preserve freshness. Use opened cottage cheese within a week.

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