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cream of tartar

cream of tartar
what is it?

Cream of tartar is the commercial name for potassium hydrogen tartrate, which is an acidic salt that has many uses in baking. Since grapes are the only natural source of significant amounts of tartaric acid, cream of tartar is byproduct of the winemaking process. It is best known for its use in stabilizing and giving volume to egg whites, but it is also used in sugary confections such as candy because it inhibits crystallization.

don't have it?

When beating egg whites, substitute an equal amount of white vinegar. Because cream of tartar adds an acidic component in the baking process, three times the amount of white vinegar or lemon juice should provide an equal amount of acid.

how to store:

Keep cream of tartar tightly sealed in a dark, cool, low humidity place and it should keep for an indefinite amount of time.

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