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dried cherries

dried cherries
what is it?

Dried cherries are fresh cherries that have been dehydrated, and may or may not contain added sugar. No preservatives are added in the drying process, but, as with other dried fruits, many of the nutrients are lost due to the loss of water content. Most commercially dried cherries are tart, rather than sweet cherries, because the tart variety tends to fare better in cooking, freezing, canning and drying processes. They are a lusciously sweet addition to both savory and sweet dishes, and they provide a welcome, slightly tarter substitution for raisins.

don't have it?

Raisins, dried currants, dried cranberries, and any other dried berry can be substituted.

how to prep:

To make chopping them easier, use an oiled knife.

how to store:

Keep unopened dried cherries in a cool, dry place, and opened in a tightly sealed bag or container; it is not necessary to refrigerate or freeze them. Use within 12 months of opening.

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user-4397192 writes: I would like to use my dried cherries to make a jelly & not locating a recipe for this they are sweet dried cherries. Posted: 6:22 pm on January 20th

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