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Behind the Kitchen Door: The Cooking Teacher's Kitchen

Video Length: 4:50
Produced by: Robyn Doyon-Aitken; Floor plan and photos by Charles Miller

Text by Charles Miller

When Fine Cooking's consulting editor at large Joanne Weir isn't on the road leading culinary excursions or teaching cooking classes in Peru or Provence, you can find her in her home kitchen-classroom-studio in San Francisco, writing cookbooks (number 18 is in the works), taping her popular PBS television show Cooking Confidence, or making dinner for herself and her husband, Joseph.

Their Pacific Heights Victorian is personalized with souvenirs from their travels. Rugs, paintings, light fixtures, serving platters, and cookware from around the world help set a casual, warm atmosphere. Joanne's mega-watt smile and infectious laugh do the rest, whether she's welcoming friends, TV crews, or cooking students into her kitchen.

I traveled to San Francisco to see if a home kitchen designed to be both a classroom and a television set could offer design ideas for people who cook off-camera, and to see first-hand if Joanne could really spit-roast a leg of lamb in her fireplace without setting off the smoke alarm. The answer to both questions: a resounding "yes."

Enter the giveaway: Watch the tour, then leave a comment on Joanne's Must-Have Cooking Tools post for your chance to win the items (including a Vitamix Pro Series 500!) this cooking teacher gives an A+.

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Comments (33)

dlauriemi writes: Fantastic! Love the warmth, colors, bricks, and wonderful accents you have collected. Your recipes are terrific, thanks! Posted: 3:42 pm on September 25th

LemonZest writes: You look happy and fabulous in your great kitchen and on your terrific show. Love that your space is filled with natural light and warm wood; the seriousness of the Sub Zero-Wolf 6 burner gas stove, convection oven, refrigerator, wine fridge; the unique wood fired rotisserie and grill in the brick fireplace and the array of knives, plates, platters and the exquisite Moroccan sideboard. My only wish is that we could have peaked into the walk-in pantry either in the video or the magazine lay-out. Thanks for sharing all of this with us. Posted: 3:32 pm on September 14th

Ricky_Rocket writes: Mrs.Weir:Your kitchen is lovely, it combines functionallity and beauty,I think is a blessing that you can teach,work,cook and be at home at once! Posted: 8:53 am on July 30th

pandameat writes: Lovely kitchen, great use of space. So warm & inviting! Posted: 2:07 am on July 24th

frangipan writes: Wow! What a beautiful kitchen. I love all the details that were built in and combined with the personal collections and decorative objects it is warm and welcoming. If this was mine I would spend all my time here. Lovely space. Posted: 9:55 am on July 21st

RMC42 writes: Beautiful kitchen! The fireplace and spit roaster make me quite envious! Posted: 9:45 pm on July 18th

timbluejim writes: I just watched your video and love your new kitchen. I will also be making your pizza recipe, it looked delicious. Posted: 7:27 pm on July 17th

WisMs writes: I think your pride in the great job you did designing your kitchen makes it so obvious that you LOVE what you do. I would LOVE to ccok in your kitchen...such attention to detail.
I marvel at the way you encourage your students to try new things, use bigger chef knives or cut an onion properly. Good job! You ROCK! Posted: 11:38 am on July 16th

emilia6 writes: lovely kitchen especially the fireplace! Posted: 9:55 pm on July 13th

Suzers45 writes: What a beautiful kitchen! I especially love the spit. Posted: 6:59 pm on July 13th

daspears writes: I have always loved everything about Joanne Weir -- her cookbooks, her shows, even her hair! Now I love her kitchen too - what a wonderful place to create a homemade meal! Posted: 10:52 pm on July 12th

JohnnyWCL writes: Great use of space, love the fireplace, looks like a studio set yet still comfortable in a homey kind of way. Posted: 10:28 pm on July 12th

Shak51 writes: Good cooks need great tool. Posted: 6:49 pm on July 12th

Elisanev writes: Joanne, I love your kitchen -it is a beautiful combination of functionality, personal expression, modern technology and old world charm! This is a wonderful place to create, share and enjoy the awesome art of cooking and baking! Posted: 4:18 pm on July 12th

egdeanda writes: Great use of space. Thanks for sharing. Posted: 1:23 pm on July 12th

ctkathy writes: Great use of a difficult corner space by using the wine fridge there. Love the fireplace! I went to one of your classes at Sur la Table in Canton, CT and hope I get another chance to be at one of your classes in SFO. Posted: 12:24 pm on July 12th

Jhalapir writes: I love your show and would be in heaven with a kitchen like yours. So cozy and functional. Posted: 12:23 pm on July 12th

Billysha1 writes: This is such an amazing kitchen and home! Everything is set up with purpose in mind and the accessories reflect the chef! Couldn't ask for anything better! It is great to see such personality versus the standards that everybody gets for their kitchen. Love your show!! Posted: 8:33 am on July 11th

cookingjudy writes: I really enjoy touring the home kitchens of professional chefs - great idea FC! Posted: 8:02 am on July 11th

tmzoom writes: Having a Wolf stove would be a dream come true for my wife. What a beautiful house you have. Posted: 7:52 am on July 11th

mvpooh writes: Oh, I do love your show & just began getting your posts in email about your classes in your home. I am so excited to plan a trip to attend, you are not so far from Seattle
Posted: 9:41 pm on July 10th

NancyGo writes: What a great tour of your kitchen! I love the Italian pottery that you have collected on your travels. Posted: 6:55 pm on July 10th

diesel69 writes: Joanne ~ your kitchen is outstanding 2 say the least!! and I am so into all your accessories from all over the world & what a fantastic fireplace!!!! Watch you all the time on Create almost looks like you have an 'arm' to add to the side of your stove that you and your students use for class!!! Rock On Joanne ~ that pepper grinder is awesome 2! Posted: 6:34 pm on July 10th

Dnjay writes: I was very interested in your kitchen having a downdraft ventilation system with the Wolf cooktop. I'd been told that an overhead hood would be needed if you had a professional grade Wolf gas stove. Also that the downdraft vent might suck the flame toward it. Have there been any problems with the downdraft vent and does it vent adequately? Posted: 4:56 pm on July 10th

eklamer writes: Your kitchen is a wonderful combination of charm and efficiency. Love the old wood flooring and the contemporary touches of color and detail.The Wolf SubZero appliances were a great choice. Would like to cook with you sometime! Posted: 5:05 pm on July 9th

Escondidocook writes: I would love to have a fireplace spit/rotisserie. I hope one day you provide plans orn how to duplicate this unique equipment. Fantastic kitchen. Posted: 4:07 pm on July 9th

user-398910 writes: I love to view this website. Your kitchen is truly in my dream book! Posted: 2:35 pm on July 9th

Kim838 writes: What a beautiful kitchen! I plan to use some of Joanne's ideas while designing my new upgrade. Thanks! Posted: 9:26 am on July 9th

user-581682 writes: What an warm and inviting space you have created! It is the perfect mix of personal and colorful mementos and functional work area. Love it, love it, love it! Posted: 8:54 am on July 9th

JustFine writes: What a great space to learn to cook. Learning about knives recently(how to use/brands etc) and looking to invest in a good quality. This set would do wonders for my kitchen. Love to make/eat homemade pizza as well and dream of a wood oven for authentic cooking and flavour! Posted: 4:52 pm on July 8th

Kadin writes: I hope for the opportunity to build a kitchen from scratch, because it will come out as amazing as this!! Beautiful, fun, and practical. Posted: 12:45 pm on July 4th

Poitras writes: I love the pepper grinder. There is NOTHING better than a vitamix! Posted: 9:04 am on June 26th

Foodie1063 writes: I've watch Joan's show in admiration of her kitchen for a long time. Glad I was able to get a tour - thank you. Posted: 11:05 pm on June 24th

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