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How to Unmold Custards

Video Length: 1:19
Produced by: Handmade TV and Sarah Breckenridge

To loosen flans, creme caramel or other custards from their ramekins, you can run a knife around the inner edge, but this runs the risk of dinging the caramel so it'll be scarred once unmolded-that's not the most appealing dessert. But you can get your custards out of their molds in one piece, because there's a better way.

This tip  works on flans, creme caramel, and most other types of firm custards:  Instead of loosening custards with a knife, hold the ramekin upright but slightly tilted, and then give the side  of the ramekin a good whack with the heel of your hand-this will break the vacuum between the custard and the ramekin.

Now immediately turn upside down onto the serving plate-if you set it down and wait to unmold, the vacuum may re-form.  Give the ramekin and plate a few firm shakes together-you'll hear a slurp as the custard slides onto the plate.

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