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frozen puff pastry

frozen puff pastry
what is it?

Puff pastry is a rich, multilayered dough. This traditional French pastry is known as a "laminated" dough because it alternates layers of fat (usually butter) with dough. It's used to make a variety of classic French pastries like croissants, napoleons, and palmiers.

Puff pastry is made by placing a block of chilled fat between layers of pastry dough, then rolling it out, folding it in thirds and letting it rest. This process, usually repeated 6 to 8 times, produces hundreds of layers of dough and butter. When baked, the butter melts creating gaps between the dough layers, the water in the dough and in the butter turn to steam, filling the the gaps and forcing the dough to puff and separate into hundreds of flaky layers. Because the process is labor-intensive (and because frozen puff pastry is delicious and simple), most home cooks don't make their own. But if you do, the results are well worth the effort.

Puff pastry is not to be mistaken for phyllo dough, which is also commonly sold frozen. Both are flaky and crisp, but puff pastry is incredibly buttery, soft, and of course, puffy, where phyllo dough is not. The two are generally not interchangeable.

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GoGmaBake writes: When looking for a good quality laminated dough, look to the ingredients. If it has butter and flour as the primary ingredients, it's a safe bet. If you can't pronounce the fat, it simply won't compare to an all butter recipe. Posted: 9:39 pm on July 28th

sbreckenridge writes: Cabtman, Pepperidge Farm is definitely the most widely available brands. I've had some good results with store brands, and also with an all-butter puff pastry from Dufour Pastry Kitchens (I don't know how widely available it is outside the NYC area). Posted: 5:02 pm on November 15th

Cabtman writes: What companies make puff pastry?
I saw Pepperige Farms make it.
Who else? Posted: 9:59 am on October 11th

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