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what is it?

Grapefruit, a large citrus fruit, is a sweet-tart delight that goes beyond breakfast, can be used in deliciously unexpected ways. Try adding segments to a green salad (it's also delicious with sliced avocado); use it in a tropical salsa, a wam citrus compote, or add a little juice and zest to brighten a buttery sauce for fish.

There are two types of grapefruit: white/yellow and pink/red. Pink grapefruit tend to be sweeter, while white grapefruit are often more flavorful. Both are delicious, so choose based on what level of sweetness you’re after—and what color you want in your dish. Regardless of color, the varieties are all similar, with the main difference being the number (or lack) of seeds.

kitchen math:

1 medium grapefruit = about 1 cup juice

don't have it?

Pomelos or tart oranges can substitute, though they lack the zing of grapefruits.

how to choose:

When you’re shopping for grapefruit, look for those that feel heavy for their size. The extra weight is all juice. They should also have smooth, shiny skin, with no blemishes.

how to prep:

Grapefruit zest is bitterer than other citrus skin, so you may want to blanch it several times to tame the harshness before adding it to your recipe.

how to store:

Store it at room temperature for up to a week, or up to three weeks in the produce drawer of your refrigerator.

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